about me

I’m a nineteen year old college kid, which basically means I think I know way more than I actually know. My talents include baking the best chocolate chip cookies imaginable and telling the worst stories imaginable (they all end in, “it’s funnier if you were there…”).

I, like so many others my age, have struggled a lot with deciding what I what to do with my life–I went from college plans to military plans to art school plans and then back to military plans before I finally decided on college. Picking a college major has been a whole other battle for me (I’m currently on my third–and hopefully final–major, and I’ve considered changing it to half a dozen other things). Thanks to my indecisiveness, I have a little insight to offer to others dealing with the same struggles.

I’m also kind of an expert in lots of other areas: keeping my GPA up and spending time with friends and watching 21 seasons of Netflix shows in one semester, eating way too much pizza, living in and complaining about a college dorm, spending the shortest amount of time possible getting ready in the morning, speaking fluent sarcasm, writing six page papers the night before they’re due, making (but never once actually finishing) to-do lists, etc. Expertise like mine just can’t go un-shared, so I’ve created rambling ashley to spread my words of wisdom to other college/high school students… and also so that I have yet another reason to procrastinate doing my school work.

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