Happy Mother’s Day! 11 Reasons Why Moms Are The Absolute Best

me and my beautiful mom

me and my beautiful mom

It’s almost Mother’s Day, and to celebrate, I’ve come up with a list of reasons why moms are basically the best people in the entire universe:

They love you no matter what. Even after you and your sisters set up an inflatable pool (without inflating it) in the carpeted living room and fill it with water and essentially turn the entire living room into a swamp. Oopsie!

They listen to you rant without expressing their annoyance. And really, who else is going to do that? Even the best of friends eventually get sick of your hour long rants about things that are largely irrelevant to either of your lives (but you still have heated opinions on anyway).

They’ve got your back 100%. Sure, my mom didn’t necessarily agree that I let my best friend tattoo me one night in her apartment. And I don’t think she was overly excited that I’ve changed my mind about college and my life plans half a million times. But she’s always there, no matter that crazy idea I’ve decided to pursue, following along as my biggest supporter.

They completely get you. They’ve been there, quite literally, since day one, and because of that, they most likely know you better than anyone else. They’ve watched you grow from the toddler who only ate blue crayons (not any other color, because ew, right?) into the mature (-ish) young woman you are today.

They’re the most selfless people on Earth. If necessary, they’d go without food just so that you could eat. How many other people would do that for you? Not many, that’s for sure.

They call you out when you’re doing something stupid and get you back on track. If your mom has never said, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you back out”, is she really even your mom?

They’re hilarious. Whether it’s their attempts at adapting teenage slang or cracking an unexpected, relatively (or in my mom’s case, extremely) inappropriate joke, moms are just really funny.

They can provide you useful advice on pretty much anything you’ll ever face. The Internet’s advice on writing cover letters has nothing on Mom’s advice writing them.

They always make sure you’ve got everything you need. Food, especially. Moms really seem to like making sure you have plenty of food.

They’re always looking out for your best interests. Other people tend to let their own interests cloud the life advice they give you. Your mom is always looking out for YOU.

They changed your diapers, graciously allowed you to puke all over them, dealt with sleep deprivation for months, and STILL kept you around.


Thank you, Mom, for putting up with me for the past nineteen years. Thanks for bringing me into this world (and not taking me back out of it) and raising me to believe that I really can chase any dream I have. Thanks for being my biggest fan and for always looking out for me. I love you so much.

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