12 reasons I can’t wait to move out of my dorm


After close to nine months of calling a dorm room home, it’s finally almost time for me to move out and head back home for the summer. To celebrate this glorious occasion, I’ve compiled a list of reasons why I can’t wait to be done with this place. So here they are, in no particular order:


No more floor meetings. Yay! No more semi-mandatory meetings that take away from my Netflix time for no real reason at all!

This school has terrible Wi-Fi. Seriously, it should NOT have taken over 10 hours to download the latest Mac software update, but I guess that’s what happens when hundreds or thousands of people are trying to access the Internet all at once.

My favorite shower is always taken. There are four showers in the bathroom on my floor, and every time I go to shower, my favorite one (the one that gets the warmest and has the best water pressure) is almost always already in use.

There’s always someone in the bathroom with you. At home, I get the room all to myself. Yay for privacy!

There are so many loud, obnoxious people in my building. Not sure why some of these people think it’s necessary to yell and bang on floors/walls/etc. late at night when people are attempting to sleep, but they do. I’m so ready to be done with that.

I don’t have a kitchen. I like baking cookies, and sometimes (rarely) I actually enjoy cooking myself some food. Unfortunately, there’s no kitchen in my building, and microwaving soup just isn’t the same as cooking it on the stove.

Living on campus = required to buy expensive, awful meal plans. Not only are all freshmen who come from over 50 miles away forced to live in a dorm, but all dorm residents are also forced to purchase a meal plan. Meal plans are expensive and our dining halls are terrible. Once, the guy making my sandwich had to go through four loaves of bread until he found one that wasn’t moldy. FOUR! I can’t wait to be back home where the food is yummy and free (for me, anyway).

There are annoying rules. Sure, they’re for our safety, but that doesn’t make them any less irritating. At home and in my apartment next year, I won’t need to stop and sign my guests in each time we enter the building.

I’m sick of smelling delicious food that I can’t have. When someone on my floor makes popcorn or pizza rolls, I can smell it down the hall in my own room, and the smell launches cravings that cannot be satisfied. At least when I’m home, if someone makes good-smelling food, they’ll always share it with me… and if not, I can take it by force (a.k.a. empty threats or sneaking).

The parking situation here really sucks. As a freshman, I’m paying $125 per semester to park a mile away from campus. The university offers shuttles to and from the freshman parking lot, but naturally, those shuttles only run at specific (often inconvenient) times. I suppose it could be worse; I could be attending a school that doesn’t let freshmen keep cars anywhere.

Doing laundry is expensive. When I’m home, I can clean my clothes without spending a small fortune. Yay for saving money!

I can’t control the temperature of my room. Sometimes it’s Antarctica, sometimes it’s a sauna. I have a thermostat in my room and I was told at the beginning of the semester that I could control my room temp, but they lied. I can’t. I had the thermostat set on 80 all winter, and I was lucky if the actual temperature exceeded 70 degrees. At one point, it actually dropped down to 53.


On the plus side, living in a dorm room for the last two semesters has given me a whole new appreciation for home.


2 responses to “12 reasons I can’t wait to move out of my dorm

  1. These are all very valid reasons for wanting to move out of a dorm room! I was an RA for two years, but had my own bathroom and seven kitchens in my building so it wasn’t too bad. I also HATED the floor meetings, but I was told that they were “necessary.” I hope next year goes better for you!


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