college kids list the biggest changes going from high school to college

I asked several other college students what they thought were the biggest changes going from high school to college, and here are the most common responses (paraphrased):


“I became a harder worker.”

“I’ve made friends that’ll probably be around for the rest of my life.”

“I have really unhealthy eating habits.”

“I have so much more freedom than I did in high school.”

“I actually have to do things for myself. Like laundry and making food.”

“There’s more school spirit in college.” (Although this one probably varies depending on where you went to high school and where you’re going to college)

“It’s really hard to be responsible sometimes because I don’t have supervision and my parents breathing down my neck like I did before college.”

“I get to/have to make my own decisions. Big decisions.”

“I have to study.”

“College professors don’t shy away from showing their bias, whereas high school teachers weren’t really allowed to show theirs.”

“I actually care about and enjoy a lot of my classes now.”

“I gained more of an open mind from the exposure to new cultures/religions/lifestyles/mindsets/etc.”

“Nobody forces you do to things here [homework, going to class] like they did back in high school.”

“I’m always broke.”

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