10 things that changed my senior year of high school that I WISH had happened my freshman year

freshman to senior year

Formed (and occasionally expressed) my own opinions. It wasn’t really until my senior year that I started to break away from the things I’ve heard my entire life and began solidifying my own set of beliefs and opinions. Before that, I had a tendency to accept the ideas that I was exposed to without considering whether or not I agreed with them or if they were things that I wanted to define myself by.

Joined the track team. My first experience with track and field was in the seventh grade, but after realizing that I loathed running and possessed no talent whatsoever for the sport, I vowed to never again put myself through that torture. Looking back, I so wish I had given it another chance sooner than I did. Senior year, I decided to give things another shot (I’d run a season of cross country, so my hatred of running was gone), and I loved it. It was hands down my favorite season of any sport I played, ever.

Became a little more social. I branched out and befriended/spent time with more people that I hadn’t really interacted with much before. Some of my best friends now are people that I really grew close to during my senior year.

Stressed less about my grades. By senior year, most of my graduation requirements were met, and even if I were to fail a majority of my classes (which would never happen), I would still graduate with a semi-decent GPA. I realized here was no use stressing about the grades I got, so I didn’t. Unsurprisingly, I ended up doing just fine and probably saved myself from a lot of sleepless nights and stress acne.

Questioned everything. I began questioning pretty much everything, which I think is important, because when you finally do come to conclusions about the things you’re questioning, the conclusions you reach will probably feel more definite. (Disclaimer: since I haven’t actually come to conclusions for everything yet, I could be wrong about this. It’s only a theory.)

Actually skipped school when I was sick (and sometimes when I just needed a day off). Until my senior year, I didn’t take sick days (unless I was extremely sick). I didn’t like missing my classes and I didn’t like missing practice, so I would go and suffer through the day. Senior year, I realized that showing up when I was sick was not only pointless—I was basically a walking zombie, so I never picked up on anything I was supposed to learn those days, anyway—but I was putting other people at risk of getting sick too. From then on, I decided that it was perfectly okay to take a day off when necessary.

Slept in as late as possible. Okay, so I also ended up being tardy a few times. But the extra sleep was so nice.

Started caring less what people thought. I’ve always cared way too much what others think of me and I’ve probably let that influence several of my decisions. Senior year I started caring a little less, which was definitely a step in the right direction.

Stopped wearing makeup every day. I’ve never been one to wear a lot of makeup (honestly, I don’t even know how to apply much more than some eye stuff and chapstick), but I almost completely stopped wearing it throughout my senior year. The biggest plus of this was that I had a few extra minutes to sleep in the morning (and I just really like sleep).

Gained a lot of confidence in myself. I’m not entirely sure what caused this one, but it happened, and it was marvelous. (My mom says it’s the beginning of emotional maturity, so that’s kind of exciting.)

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