10 kinds of people I’ve seen at college

10 kinds of people ive seen at college

People with a very unique sense of style. I cannot even begin to describe some of the things I’ve seen people wear or do to their hair. While I personally have no interest in adapting their styles, I have to admit that the more I see brightly colored hair, the more I start to like it.

People that have absolutely no appreciation for anything. Not only do they expect to get what they want without any effort on their part (except maybe a phone call home), they don’t value what they get. I just don’t understand it. Real quote I overheard one night: “Dude, who cares if I ruin it? I’ll just make my parents buy me more.” Not ‘ask’, not ‘beg’, but ‘make’.

People that couldn’t handle the freedom and went totally crazy. People who immediately started abusing their newfound freedom when they got to college, where there’s essentially no parental supervision or anyone to hold you accountable (maybe it’s different at private religious colleges…?). AKA partying four nights a week, failing classes, etc.

People that longboard. Before I got here, I didn’t even know longboards existed. And now (when the ground isn’t frozen and covered in ice and snow) they’re everywhere, speeding by on their extra-long skateboard type things.

People that unicycle. There are MULTIPLE unicycle riders here. MULTIPLE. Multiple. Before college, the only time I ever witnessed a person on a unicycle was (I think) once at the circus I went to as a little kid. And there are MULTIPLE unicyclists here. I cannot emphasize my shock enough.

People that are really focused on achieving their goals. One specific girl comes to mind when I think about this one. I met her last semester, and she told me about how she was midway through her second internship. She already had a full time job lined up for as soon as she graduated. This girl was one of the most polite and professional people I’ve ever come into contact with. I was just so impressed by her.

People that TALK ON THE QUIET FLOORS OF THE LIBRARY. I only go to the library when I really need to focus and get things done, and THESE PEOPLE like to gather in groups and talk, talk, talk. Forever. They don’t stop. And they laugh. Obnoxiously. These people are the bane of my existence when I’m trying to get work done.

People that always look like they walked off the cover of a magazine. The only explanation for these people is that they, like Beyoncé, wake up flawless every single day.

People that ask REALLY dumb questions in class. And I mean really dumb. I’ve often heard “there’s no such thing as a stupid question”, but I think these people are on a mission to disprove that statement.

People that mysteriously know everything and can answer the professor’s questions with ease. I can only assume that they spend every waking moment reading textbooks and newspapers and biographies and nonfiction books and watching documentaries because I swear, it seems like they know everything about everything.

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